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Jean Patrick Abouna Ndzana sign new contract with FC Neman (Hrodno). New contract will finish by 30 November 2019, by this contract minimum release clause is 220 000 euro.
Bebey Kingue Paul Roland is taken a Belarussian citizenship as he played in Belarus for three years. Next season Bebey Kingue will start as non-legioner. Also remind you that his contract contract with FC Neman (Hrodno) will finished by 30 November 2018.
Maksim Lukashevich sign 1-year contract with FC Neman (Grodno). Also club can extand contract on one additional year.
Francky Essombo arrived at Minsk 27-02-2018 for test period at FC Krumkachy (Minsk, Belarus).
After unsuccessful trial at FC Luch (Minsk), Gilles Fogagn Kameni is on test period at FC Sedan (France, National 2). Remind that in January 2018 Gilles was at Belarus for test period, despite of positive reaction club is not offering a contact.
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